Join Trendy and Tipsy® in Supporting Black Lives Matter

Posted on 30 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

So simple. So profound. So essential.

Trendy and Tipsy® declares support for Black Lives Matter. 

Our nation is at a critical tipping point, and we join the push to ensure the enormous weight of racial injustice in America — 401 years in the making — finally topples to land on the right side of history and human rights. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and others in the fight to make our nation more just and more free, for everyone.

Katie Brown, Trendy and Tipsy® Owner and CEO urges, "As a community, together, let's bring awareness by being kind to one another, educating ourselves, spreading love & peace, showing compassion, supporting one another, and donating! We stand with you in the fight against racism and believe in equality. Let's embrace one another in order to embrace change!"

We’re eager to share with you the steps we’re taking. Plus, we want to learn from you the steps you’re taking. Most of all, we recognize that we have much more to learn about racism in our society. In the cause of racial justice, we are all part of the problem until we become a part of the solution.

Support for Black Lives Matters Movement

At Trendy and Tipsy®, we’ve long believed that fashion can inspire as well as express. We are offering a chic new tee emblazoned with Love Power Peace and are pleased to donate 50% of the proceeds from this tee to the George Floyd Memorial Fund. Wear this tee and proudly proclaim to the world your determination to stand up. 

Alternate with our new Be Kind tee. We donate 50% of the proceeds from the Be Kind tee to The Conscious Kid. These donations fund the drive to promote children’s books from a list of 41 titles that support constructive conversations on race, racism and resistance. The goal is to get these books into every classroom in America.

How We Support Black Lives Matter Through Donations

Please find — and share! — other ways to donate in support of Black Lives Matter and racial justice. If you cannot afford to donate money, you can watch videos and stream playlists to generate donations for BLM support.

Challenge Implicit Bias

Our donations for BLM support and racial justice are just a small start. We are learning that we must confront our standard ways of doing business, of thinking about life and the way we respond to others. We acknowledge that we have implicit bias and that our implicit biases are founded on ignorance and racism, which can lead to evil acts.

The good news is that ignorance can be educated and racism can be unlearned. The first step is recognizing the existence of implicit bias and challenging it in ourselves and others. Learn more about implicit bias and even take a test designed to measure your own implicit bias here.

Follow Black Female Instagram Influencers and Bloggers

Expand your definition of beauty and expand your horizons in your daily life. Black artists have long influenced art, music, and fashion. It’s time we embrace this vibrant source of inspiration. We challenge you to diversify your Instagram feed and follow the Black female Instagram influencers and bloggers that inspire us:

In turn, we ask that you share with us the Black influencers that inspire you!

Support Black-Owned Business

The quest for racial justice is bigger than America and as small and personal as your own backyard. At a time when COVID-19 is hammering small businesses, those owned by Blacks and minorities are the hardest hit of all. While the government aid for small businesses through PPP has funded the Los Angeles Lakers and Shake Shack, just 12 percent of minority-owned businesses received the relief loans they applied for. You can make a difference by consciously choosing the businesses you support.

Discover the Black-owned restaurants in your neighborhood. Stay for dinner or order take-out. Stop in at a Black-owned bookstore when you need a paperback. When you’re looking for a special gift, explore the work of black artisans. When money is tight, be thoughtful about how you spend the money you’ll spend anyway where you can make a direct impact. Make a point of leaving positive reviews to make it easier for others to find and visit the business. Share them with your friends. 

You don’t know how to find and support Black-owned businesses near you? Yep, there’s an app for that!

More Resources: How to Support Black Lives Matter

We all need to learn how to support Black Lives Matter in ways both big and small. The deep-seated problems in our society resulting from racial injustice won’t just go away when the current crisis is no longer trending. Your support matters. Now and moving forward. You can donate to BLM support vetted organizations and be confident the money goes where it is needed. 

If you cannot afford to donate money, there is still much you can do to support the cause for racial justice. Sign petitions, contact your representatives, support black-owned businesses, learn to recognize your privilege and use it for good. And you can vote!

George Floyd never wanted to be famous. Rayshard Brooks never wanted to be a hashtag. Travon Martin didn’t want to inspire a worldwide movement. They were never given a choice. Today, we have a choice — to stand up or to be quietly complicit in ongoing injustice. Let’s take a stand and support Black Lives Matter — together!

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