Unique Festival Bandanas

Whether you’re planning your next music festival or your next run to the grocery store, rock your look and breathe easy with our unique bandanas and face masks. For years, trendy babes like you have tied cool festival bandanas around their necks for an added layer of color and texture to their look. Wear an acid wash or tie-dyed bandana at your neck, around your hair, or as a colorful hatband. Then, when the winds pick up, it’s easy to slip it up over your mouth and nose to ward off the dust and sun. 

What began as a makeshift solution for comfort during a desert music festival soon became a must-have accessory. Rather than tying a badass bandana around their face, many started wearing actual face masks to achieve the same protective effect with greater comfort and fit. Coordinate your face mask or bandana with the rest of your look. Rock a band tee mask with our authentic vintage clothing. We’ve repurposed these rad tees to make vintage bandanas and face masks to keep you comfortable and safe. Add a leopard print mask to your fiercest festival attire. A rhinestone bedecked face mask complete with a filter looks awesome with silver or rhinestone body jewelry.

We’re looking forward to outfitting you for the next music festival. We’ll be there too, dancing with you! In the meantime, stay safe from the coronavirus and stay home. When you must go out, grab a unique bandana or hand made face mask to protect yourself and others. These are not the N95 masks in such short supply for medical workers. Instead, these are the cutest, most stylish washable cloth masks the CDC recommends we all wear when we’re outside.