What to Wear to the Beach: Summer Must-Haves for 2020

What to Wear to the Beach: Summer Must-Haves for 2020

Can you believe it? At long last — San Diego beaches are open and it’s time for some fun in the sun! We can’t wait to dive in — how about you? Of course, we’ll all do the mandatory social distancing except between members of the same household. And we’ll miss playing beach volleyball, but otherwise, we’re ready for some sunning, swimming and surfing — almost! First, we need to get our beach wardrobe in prime shape! It’s been too long since any of us could go out to see and be seen. Let’s make the most of it! Check your local beach open status and COVID-19 restrictions, check out our stylish beach must-haves, grab your sunscreen, and get going!

top summer must haves

Sexy Swimwear

A fun and fabulous swimsuit tops our list of beach essentials for more reasons than the obvious. For sunning, swimming, and surfing, you need a great swimsuit, but not necessarily the same one. Consider the activities you’ll enjoy when wearing your bathing suit and let that guide your choice. A slinky Brazilian bikini is ideal for sunning, but for surfing or swimming, you might prefer a sensational one-piece suit

Also, consider the versatility of the swimsuit style and how you might rock it as part of the rest of your look for the beach and for other outings. A one-piece suit doubles as a chic bodysuit to pair with everything from shorts to a tie-dyed maxi skirt or as the foundation for a killer look for the next music festival. The plunging neckline and cinched waist of our Canguu suit is so chic and sophisticated. Or rock one of the season’s hottest trends with asymmetrical cutouts and the dangerous curves of our Velora suit

But bikinis are a summer must-have and can be just as versatile. Cute bra tops are crazy popular this summer, and a bikini top is a perfect choice! Consider pairing the colorful, strappy Positano bikini top with a distressed denim skirt or a slim cut mini skirt. The bandeau top of our Seminyak bikini is contemporary and flattering. Or top a pair of cutoff shorts with a silver snakeskin bikini top complete with wide, buckled straps for a memorable combo — you’ll want to rock this bikini top all year long!

what to wear to the beach

Dress for the Journey
When you’re going to the beach, the destination is awesome — but don’t forget the journey! When you’re planning what to wear to the beach, factor in stopping in at Starbucks or for kombucha on the way, or dining al fresco on the way home. Depending upon where you plan to stop, you’ll want to choose a well-ripped pair of denim shorts, a cute skirt, or maybe a flowing maxi dress to layer over your swimsuit. For a preppy twist, our buttoned, paperbag shorts or sleek, sunny side skort are a winning choice.

You’ll also need shoes to take you into the shop or restaurant and out onto the sand. Choose a pair of sleek, snakeskin slides or python, platform sandals. Go for comfort as well as good looks. You’ll want to stroll the boardwalk at sunset. There’s no need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks! Just plan ahead and choose chic styles that complement not just the outfit you’ll wear for a single outing, but also that coordinate with the rest of your summer essentials

cover ups and hats beach must haves

Keeping Your Cool

Be smart about your first trip to the beach of the season. Stay hydrated, be sure to bring your sunscreen and a wide-brimmed straw hat to keep the sun off. You’ll still get a beautiful tan, but protect yourself from a painful sunburn. 

It seems ironic to list both a sexy swimsuit and a cool coverup as beach must-haves. But the coverup is not about concealment, but comfort. Bring along a sheer, kimono duster to give your skin a bit of a break from the hot sun. It also adds a romantic flair to your look, especially as it billows out behind you as you walk. Or make a statement and slip a long, fringed belt around your waist. It is enchanting as it swishes and sways with your every step. Fair warning — only choose this look if you want to be the hottest babe on the beach!

For more coverage and protection from the heat of the sun, shrug on a vintage band chain tank over your suit. You’ll rock that too-cool-to-care vibe.

fringe belt cover up summer must haves 2020

Sunnie Outlook

Complete your look with style and attitude with the coolest of summer must-haves — a sensational pair of sunnies. Have fun with your choice of shape and shade. Fun shapes and pastel lenses are hot for summer 2020. But these cat-eye shades are never going out of style. Go bold with fire engine red frames, or show off a beautiful tan with white. Choose frames to complement each outfit, or grab the tortoiseshell frames to go with everything. Go glam with rhinestone-studded frames or rock the retro vibe. We’ve teamed up with Blenders Eyewear to ensure we’re plugged in to the hottest, of-the-moment trends in sunglasses.

sunglasses beach essentials

What to wear to the beach? Just your fiercest summer fashion! For more inspiration, check out our curated looks to rock a pool party. When you make your final choices, we’d love it if you’d snap some shots and tag us when you post them to Instagram!

Whether catching rays or waves — stay safe and have fun!


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