Trendy Jackets

You’ll feel warm and look hot when you choose a trendy jacket from our collection. Discover unique jackets to rock the latest trends, from jackets flowing with fringe that dances and sways with every step to cuddlesome faux fur. And be sure to check out our wide range of upcycled vintage jackets

We’re always on the hunt for genuine vintage clothing of exceptional quality and character. We love authentic music graphics as much as you do, and we feature it prominently in our re-worked vintage clothing. Somehow, distressed camo and denim marry perfectly with the artwork of Journey, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. Each jacket is given its own detailing to enhance its design. The result is unique jackets, each a one-of-a-kind creation.

Whether you’re going for the layered look or bracing against cold weather, our collection of trendy jackets are the perfect fit! Top a chic mini skirt with a wrap-around crop top for summer fun. Then, transition the look into fall just by shrugging into one of our camouflage boutique jackets and adding a pair of ankle boots. Or bundle up with a series of cool layers. Top a great pair of boyfriend jeans with a killer chain tank. Add a vintage flannel and a cool bandana. Then, turn up the heat with a faux fur coat or a vintage style jacket.