United We Chill

Stylish Face Masks and Comfy Clothes

From super comfy clothes, we’ve teamed up with The Laundry Room to bring you cute, stay-at-home outfits with attitude. The oversized women’s clothing is constructed from super-soft fabrics that stretch and breathe to keep you comfortable. You’ll love the sly graphics that proclaim Chill 4 Life, Freedom and Vote for Beer. Each features a colorful, hand-dyed pattern that gives each a one-of-a-kind appeal.

In the year 2020, no fashionista’s wardrobe is complete without comfy clothes that make a statement like our Social Distancing tee or an oversized jumper with the Surgeon General’s warning to Stay Home and Chill. Whether you’re kickin at home or venturing back out to work or school, make it clear that you’re not just surviving the current insanity — you’re thriving!

And when you do go out, be sure to wear a stylish face mask. There is something so sexy about a woman who respects herself and others! You can choose from a variety of our boutique face masks: plaid, tie dye, bandana, & rhinestone. Which gives you lots of stylish options for accessorizing your look. Choose a plaid mask to coordinate with your favorite vintage flannel boasting band graphics by Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden or The Doors. Or top a vintage chain tank with a trendy face mask featuring the same band.

Whatever stylish face mask you choose, Trendy and Tipsy® donates a KN-95 face mask to local health heroes for each one. #BePartoftheSolution