Wild Wild Fest

Western Boho Clothing

When you’re ready to get your western boho vibe on, Trendy and Tipsy® has got you covered! From the crown of a black wool cowboy hat to the toe of a pair of kickass cowboy boots, you’ll be rocking the look inspired by a spirit of independence and utilitarianism. Western style outfits range from adding a fringed jacket, statement belt, or a pair of ripped up denim shorts to complete your look. 

Western boho clothing is the perfect choice for your next music festival outfit. Consider pairing a distressed denim skirt with a cute crop top with puffy sleeves and criss-crossed ties. Add boots, a great hat and a chain embellished bandana for a great country festival outfit that will never look like a costume. To emphasize more of the bohemian vibe, look for a sense of ease, flow and movement. Lace or print bell bottom pants, sheer, floral dresses and long, luscious fringe bring life to western boho clothing and make it dance! 

There’s no need to wait for the next festival to get your western boho groove on. A cowboy hat is a great accessory to wear any day of the year. It adds energy and a sense of play to your look. Make skinny jeans and a basic tee cooler with a cow print belt or pair of snakeskin boots.