Back To School Series Part One

Back To School Series Part One

               First Day of School, First Day of School!

Channeling my inner Nemo, circa Finding Nemo a million years ago

We all know that 99% of the time, we go to class in yoga pants and a tank top, gone are the days from high school where we actually got ready for the day. I ask myself, what's a brush? I'm lucky if I remember my backpack in the morning. But in all seriousness you CAN be cute and comfy. We promise. 

Model Scoop: Sarah is a Journalism student with a Public Relations emphasis at San Diego State University. She absolutely kills this Motley Crew Lace Up and Corinna Bell Bottoms, everybody just wait a second... she is wearing a TSHIRT & SWEATPANTS (basically) so we win at this whole comfy cute thing because this is just genius. 




 Maddy is a Psychology major with a double minor in Biology and Honors, thats a lot of science I don't really like science but omg what a smart human. She is wearing overalls (extra loose, extra comfy) and one of our lace trim tanks (in love with those by the way). The belt, which is actually a hat belt, makes the outfit the perfect amount of trendy with the comfy overall factor. 



Coming from a senior in college, don't be nervous, everyone is in the exact same boat and the right outfit is exactly what you need to feel confident! Look good, feel good right? But wait you are seriously amazing no matter what you wear so wear a garbage bag to class because you are just that awesome. But make sure its new because that would be gross.



Pictured: Rider Hat Belt, Peru Rings, Turkish Silver Bracelet, Afghan Turquoise Cuff

I am also currently terrified to start my last first day of college EVER.
Okay... maybe until grad school and my Ph.D plan but no one really counts those. Live everyday to the fullest because I'm not kidding... I woke up today and am very confused as to where all the time went. You better believe I will be rocking my favorite outfit Monday morning, because otherwise I may cry because well, adulting. 
xoxo T&T

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