Iced Tea Sangria

Iced Tea Sangria
Iced Tea Meets Sangria
Like hey whats up helloooo
I became somewhat of a Sangria connoisseur while I was in Europe last semester, just kidding I spent most of my money on 1 euro bottles of wine, (yes thats a thing)
Anyway, I am a big fan of iced tea, so I was super excited to find out it tasted awesome paired with some white wine and fruit.
1 bottle of white wine: My favorite ever is a Hartwell Sauvignon Blanc, however might be better served by itself, get something cheap and easy for this one ;) Trader Joe's two-buck chuck for the win.
Iced Tea: Arizona Iced Tea is always a great choice, but go with whatever your heart desires!
Fruit: mango & rasberries
Optional: Orange liqueur (just a little bit... or not)
Super easily made with everything you have in your kitchen, now I need to find some shrimp tacos... why am I always so hungry?



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