Trendy Back to School Outfit Ideas and Styles

Trendy Back to School Outfit Ideas and Styles

Back to school is usually an exciting time, with the future unfolding before you with limitless opportunities. You craft your back-to-school outfits to rock current trends and express your own, personal style. But this is 2020, a chaotic, totally off-the-rails year entirely lacking any sense of proportion. Fashion is rapidly evolving to keep up. The emphasis for back to school trends is on personal comfort with a rebel-chic vibe. Chart your own course through the chaos and go bold with your look, whether you’re heading back to class in person or via Zoom. Why dress to fit in when you can stand out? Show 2020 you’re ready to kick ass and take names. Check out some of our top back-to-school outfit ideas and get ready to make a statement — then punctuate it with attitude!

Loving the Loungewear

Whether you’re attending classes remotely or you’re back on campus, comfort is queen! Counter the stress of 2020 with comfortable clothing that feels great to wear. But we’re not talking about schlumpfy old sweats! The goal here is to feel both comfy and confident (and safe! Wear your face mask!). Embrace loose silhouettes and super-soft, breathable fabrics that stretch and move with you. 

Stylish loungewear is your answer for what to wear to school in 2020. Explore our cozy-chic United We Chill collection. We teamed up with The Laundry Room to bring you comfort with attitude. While the warm weather lasts, choose fun tees sporting sly graphics like Chill 4 Life or Vote Beer. When the air turns chilly, you’ve simply got to wrap up in the Social Distancing jumper. Whether you pair it with well-worn boyfriend jeans and heels or a pair of joggers and platform sneakers, you’ll look and feel too cool to care about 2020. Hoist your favorite quarantini and dance!

Tie-dye peach t-shirt

Transition into Fall

Back to school styles always contend with a blend of summer weather turning into the cooler temps of fall. Before you break out the jumpers and jackets, get in your last fling with fun shorts and mini skirts by creating a transition look pairing our sexy vintage denim shorts with a pair of kickass, over-the-knee boots. Or add unforgettable attitude to a distressed, vintage denim skirt with a pair of cowhide ankle boots. Top it with a Not So Basic scrunch crop top or tie a vintage chain tank into crop length. Combine and contrast classic pieces of summer and fall fashion for an edgy vibe you’ll want to rock all season long.

Statement Pants

Even when you are attending classes from home, be sure to complete your back-to-school outfits from head to toe. Not only do slip ups happen, but you’ll feel better and more confident. Rather than sticking to the classic formula of a basic (read boring) pant like simple joggers or yoga pants with a fun top, the statement pant trend is up-ending convention. Go bold on the bottom with zebra-striped, high-rise pants or wide-striped bell-bottoms in black or red and white. The exaggerated flare is so flattering. Balance the volume at the frayed hem with a close-fitting top like a Bad Gals Club crop top or a bodysuit.

For another take on statement pants, consider the two-toned joggers with one leg black and the other white. The look is playful and bold. Top it with the equally striking mini cow print crop top for a look you’ll love. You might need two pairs of the two-toned joggers — one to wear as is, and the other to try your hand at DIY bleach-dying and tie dye for a jazzy look.

Zebra Pants

Get Your Groove On with Tie Dye

Speaking of tie-dye, the hottest trend of the pandemic proves you simply cannot keep a fashionista down! Whether you grab a few bottles of Rit Dye and a gallon of bleach to create your own #TieDyeLove looks or you shop our to-die-for tie dye fashions, it’s the perfect way to inject energy and color into your back to school outfits. The look is both playful and empowering. You’ll find the tell-tale psychedelic spirals in everything, including sexy ruched dresses, jumpers, tees, crop tops, jumpsuits, sets, hats and even face masks

Add just a splash of color with a tie-dye top or an acid wash bandana or dive right in for a counter-culture look head-to-toe. Hearken back to the 1960’s, when tie-dye scared the squares and music festivals were born.

One of a Kind Vintage

If you love the rock ‘n roll graphics and edgy styles of yesteryear (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got re-purposed, one-of-a-kind vintage fashion for your trendy back to school outfits. We’re always on the hunt for genuine vintage clothing to reimagine into hot new looks just for trendy babes like you.

You’ll love topping your well-ripped jeans with our badass chain tanks featuring authentic graphic artwork and handworked metal chain detailing. Complete the look with a pair of combat boots and you’re ready for anything. When the weather turns chilly, grab a pumpkin spice latte and a Grateful Dead acid wash camo jacket. For a softer feel, turn up the heat with a repurposed vintage flannel. Wear it open, like a jacket over a cute tee, or belt it with a leopard chain fanny pack.

Girl in hat with tie-dye cropped sweater

Sweater Weather

As much as we love the sun in summer, we embrace sweater weather and the chance to wear boots everyday! From cardigans and hoodies to oversized pullovers, our sweater collection will keep your back to school outfits both cozy and fashion-fierce. Rock the colors of a psychedelic rainbow with our vintage, tie dyed Champion hoodie. Or play with the preppy/grunge spectrum when you wrap yourself in a red plaid cardigan. An asymmetric, one-shoulder turtle neck is elegant and on trend. Or show 2020 how you really feel with our repurposed Rolling Stones pullover.

Now that we’ve shown you some of our favorite back to school outfit ideas, we can’t wait to see what you choose! Be sure to tag us #TrendyandTipsy when you post your pics to Instagram. Let’s show 2020 not to mess with us!


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