Work From Home Outfit Ideas to Stay Cozy-Chic

Work From Home Outfit Ideas to Stay Cozy-Chic

Dress for Success

How do you “dress for success” when working from home during a pandemic? Do you just roll out of bed and pad to the computer in your jammies? Are you mothballing your severe, corporate business suits? Maybe you’re rocking the “business mullet” with a silk blouse and blazer over sleep shorts and fuzzy slippers?

Don’t worry — we won’t judge!

work from home outfit ideas

Maybe the better question is how do you want to dress while working from home? What work from home outfit will support you and your needs right now? What would you look forward to wearing? And what will keep you comfortable so you can remain focused and productive? After all, one of the perks of #WFH is that you get to make your own rules, right? The only dress code you need to meet is the one that works best for you.


Keep it Cozy Chic!

Rather than trying to present a certain image for someone else, shouldn’t you focus on the work from home fashion you really need? Make physical comfort a priority. It’s easy to achieve and highly effective for alleviating stress (have any of that lately?). But also prioritize feeling good about yourself. The confidence boost you get from a cozy chic outfit makes a great impression on those you communicate with and helps you to get the most out of your day. So choose what feels good to wear and makes you feel good about yourself. Embrace the loose silhouettes and soft, breathable fabrics of chic athleisure wear as your new business wear rotation.

Just remember, cozy and comfy are the goal here, not dowdy or schlumpfy. That old, ragged shirt with stains and a hole in the shoulder does not make you feel good, so it should stay in your closet for your next painting party. Whether you have wall-to-wall Zoom meetings scheduled or a day working entirely solo, keep your work from home loungewear clean,on-trend and fitting well. A stylish jumper and matching joggers that’s both cozy and chic makes a terrific work from home outfit. Add a simple necklace or earrings and light makeup for a relaxed look and feel that has you ready to accomplish the day’s goals. 


Things to Keep in Mind

When planning your work from home outfits, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Don’t show too much skin. Team members and clients expect work from home outfits to be more casual, but they want to see that you’re serious about working.
  • Text gets read. Be sure your work from home outfit says something positive about your work attitude. A tee that says Be Kind works. Leave Buzzed on Bubbly or Queen of Beers for the weekend!
  • Your entire look matters. Even if others won’t see you from the waist down (and slip ups happen!) you will. When you are stylishly put together from head to toe, you’ll feel better about yourself, and that is important!
  • Be good to yourself! Take breaks to get up and move. Keep the coffee and your blood flowing! Take 10 minutes to stretch when you fill up your coffee mug.or get another glass of water. Cozy, comfortable clothing makes it easy to adopt healthy habits.

With these guidelines in mind, let’s see how the trendy babes are putting together and styling their work from home outfits!


Cozy Chic Work from Home Outfits

Keep your look both cozy and fashion fierce with a bleach dyed cropped sweatshirt and matching jogger pants. On-trend and one-of-a-kind, the bleach tie-dye is such a bold look and full of energy. Awesome head to toe, or mix and match the top and bottom with others in your wardrobe. When you’re out and about, complete this look with combat boots.

You’ll look as good as you feel wearing this cozy chic outfit with super-soft jersey knit top and matching drawstring shorts. The charcoal on white tie dye is stylish and fun. Elevate the look and add a bit of polish with a simple puka shell necklace. With a pair of cute socks and platform sneakers, you’re ready for anything!

This chic, black muscle tank gives you nothing but options for your work from home wardrobe. Pair it with the tie-dyed joggers or shorts above for a cozy outfit that’s always chic. Put your hair up in an easy ponytail and add a simple, layered necklace and you’re ready for the next Brady Bunch style Zoom meeting with the brass!

Inject a bit of humor into your daily work from home style with our playful Social Distancing tee. Cotton candy blend fabric is soft and cut for a relaxed fit. The dancing bones will keep you mindful that there’s always time to get up and dance! Pair this top with black biker shorts or your favorite leggings.

This Kettner tie dye lounge set is so chic and flattering there is no need to point out that the tie dye effectively hides both wrinkles and chocolate ice cream drippings! This is the perfect cozy outfit for a sweltering summer. These pieces also offer great layering options year round. Toughen up this sweet set and give it a bit of an edge with a necklace of brass bullets.

Rock a tough-girl vibe with a pair of bleach dyed stirrup jogger pants. You’ll wear these badass bottoms with any top from our cheery Sunshine or Be Kind tee to the utterly chill and fab look of authentic vintage fashion. Our Harley Davidson tees and tanks make a statement and are the last word in cool.

For days you want to look extra sharp, dress up a pair of taupe joggers with a silk, cheetah print button-up. Add a gold, Cosmic lock necklace for a chic, work from home outfit you’ll be proud to wear no matter who you Zoom. Try wearing the silk animal print shirt open like a jacket layered over a black, knotted tank for added versatility in any season.

You work to live, not the other way around. So choose your work from home fashion to support you and your efforts through this crazy time. When you post your fave #wfhoutfit, be sure to tag us! We love seeing you trendy babes rock your looks!


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