Fruity Margarita Slushie Flight

Fruity Margarita Slushie Flight

Flight O' Slushies

If they sold these on planes, I would be on my way to the Bahamas already... 
6 oz tequila
2 limes, juiced
2 tbsp of agave nectar 
1 cup of ice, chopped in the blender
1 lime wedge
Salt for rimming the glasses,
Chopped strawberries, pineapples, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon, cherries, apples, OMG literally whatever your heart desires 


How to make it: (P.S. Yours will probably not look like this)
In a blender, blend tequila, lime juice, honey, and ice.
Run a lime wedge along the tip of the shot glasses and dip in salt to rim glasses.
Fill shot glasses with chopped fruit and pour over tequila mixture


Then maybe sip these, because they are definitely way too cute to just shoot (ew). Add some tacos and then Tipsy Taco Tuesday here we come!
... still dreaming of the Bahamas


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