Frozen Dark & Stormy Cocktails

Frozen Dark & Stormy Cocktails

Frozen Dark & Stormy (spicy ginger beer + well, more ginger beer)

Spicy ginger beer shines in this grown-up slushie.
Get the recipe from Delish.
I can't decide whether these cloudy mornings in San Diego are going to stick... because if I'm being serious I am way to excited for Fall. With that being said, we are forcing some much needed dark and stormy weather into our cocktails. 
First things first, thank you to Delish and their AH-mazing list of yummy summer cocktails to spice up your summer, our mouths are watering over these recipes. Summer/Fall/who cares
1 can of ginger beer
1 tbsn of fresh ginger
1 lime (just the juice... not the entire thing)
2 cups of ice
4 oz of DARK RUM (thats the scary stormy part of course)
Using a blender, mix all four of the top ingredients together until smooth. Split into two glasses and top it off with 2 oz of dark rum on top of each. Take an Instagram pic, and then stir it all together because that sounds like a LOT of alcohol in my first gulp.

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